Salford Health Matters

Your GP’s in Salford  

SHM provide high quality health services for you and your family as part of the NHS.

Their dedicated team of GP’s, nurses and admin staff serve 17,000 people across Salford, in Eccles, Little Hulton, Charlestown and Lower Kersal.

They offer quick & easy access to your doctor or nurse.

THey believe in promoting good health for all.

As a Community Interest Company they invest in extra services to improve your health and well-being.

Mission Statement & Values

Salford Health Matters exists to make you feel better. They deliver excellent primary health care in areas of need from a dedicated team of skilled and committed staff.

They do it differently. They aim to address the causes of ill health and develop new and innovative approaches to health care.

They do it together. They work with patients and partners to add value to what they do, and invest in their staff so they can achieve their best.

They do it for you. They reinvest their profit to improve the health of local communities.

They create a great place to work, with a clear set of values based on respect, excellence, collaboration, and commitment to the NHS.


They are committed to the following values:

  • They defend and uphold the values of the NHS
  • They treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • They create an environment in which people can flourish and give of their best
  • They achieve excellence by holding fast to that which is good and through innovation
  • They engage and collaborate to add value to what they do
  • They acknowledge and celebrate contributions that uphold their mission
  • They are accountable for living these values

Business Objectives

They are a social enterprise – a business with a social mission. They are focused on achieving some ambitious goals. They chose these objectives because they believe that they have an excellent service to offer and more people deserve the high quality care they deliver. By achieving these objectives they will be able to provide a broader range of services for their patients, preventing ill health as well as making it easier to access more specialist help. It will also make them more sustainable as a business.

Salford Health Matters aims to:

  • Provide primary care services to 20,000 people, the largest practice in Salford.
  • Have improved the quality of essential medical services, with improved access, a QoF score of 96%, a patient satisfaction rating of 90% and achieve ISO9001 and Investors in People accreditation.
  • Provide additional services and opportunities that address the determinants of ill-health for 3,000 people most in need in the following areas: unemployment, fuel poverty, mental health and social isolation.
  • Reduce hospital admissions by providing a wide range of enhanced services and out of hospital care, providing 5 new specialist treatments.
  • Have active community engagement: delivering projects in local partnerships and involving service users at all levels in our organisation.
  • Have a happy and healthy, skilled and confident staff team, with staff satisfaction of 90%, reduced turnover and provide 20 training opportunities each year.


If you are looking for a hair transplant in Manchester or a beard transplant or even eyebrow transplant and you live in the Salford area, Salford Health Matters are a local GP for you.

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