Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Prices / Costs

Hair loss sufferers do not have to worry about hair loss any further. Now, there is a broad range of different hair loss treatments that can be undertaken to restore your hair.

Hair transplants can transform the life of those that undergo this kind of surgery, but for many, they are unsure about the cost of such a procedure.

Hair transplant surgery doesn’t have to be expensive. On the contrary, prices can vary depending on the patient and what their surgery requirements are, as every patient is unique and so the price reflects this.

Typically, in the UK, hair transplant can cost around £3000 to £10000. Of course, this is largely dependent on the needs of the patient. After all, everyone has different needs when it comes to hair implantation surgery.

Our Pricing start from £1,999 for 1000 hairs.

Finance options are available. If you are interested, please ask us about these options or visit our hair transplant finance page.

There are typically three different types of hair transplant surgery that is undertaken with their respective prices:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) (The Method We Recommend)

The FUE method of hair transplantation involves the removing of healthy hair follicles from the donor area. These are extracted from the scalp and grafted onto the balding areas, which ensures that the hair can grow, covering the areas that are problematic for the sufferer.

This kind of treatment is one of the most popular types of hair transplantation method in the UK. Typically, the price of FUE can vary depending on which clinic you use. What is more, the price is dependent on the extent of the hair loss problem and how much work is needed to rectify the hair loss issue.

Many hair loss sufferers can expect to pay around £3,500 – £6,000 for this procedure. Of course, this pricing is approximate as each patient will have different needs. As a general guideline, this kind of treatment will cost about £1.89 to £3.99 per graft/hair follicle. This is one of the most affordable kinds of transplant.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Hair replacement surgery can also be undertaken via the FUT method. This is where the hair is taken from a donor area and grafted onto the scalp in ‘strips’. This allows the hair to grow under the strips and can be a permanent solution to hair loss problems. As the donor region is healthy, the hair can grow back in its place.

The onset of FUE transplantation means that this kind of surgery is deemed more invasive, but it is a cheaper solution to hair transplant surgery. On average, this surgery can cost over £4,000 in total which varies depending on the extent of the surgery needed. The cost per hair follicle is around £2 to £5. We do not recommend this method as it leaves a large scar on the client’s scalp.

Direct Hair Implant Technique (DHI)

The DHI hair transplant technique is the latest in cutting edge hair transplant technology. With this new innovative technology, hair is encouraged to grow, this is done by extracting living hair follicles and implants them in the balding area.

This ensures that hair growth can be stimulated in the best possible way. This surgery can cost in the region of £6,000. Typically, the cost of this treatment per follicle is roughly £2 to £6.

It is very similar to the FUE method of hair transplant.

our process

Our team have been involved in the hair transplant industry since 2013 and through this time we have refined our process to treat each client of ours according to their individual hair loss treatment needs. We aim to get to know, understand and set expectations for what can and can’t be done based on the amount of follicles available from the donor area.

1) Initial Enquiry

All patients can enquire via email, telephone, social media and website form. Here we verify if you qualify for treatment before proceeding further – it’s a free service we provide for our clients who want great results without any hassle or stress.

2) Consultation

For clients that qualify, the next step is a consultation with our clinical director Kevin. Before COVID we used to do a lot of face to face consultations, however the vast majority of our consultations are currently virtual (over zoom/skype/facebook messenger). Here we will assess your head from donor area to the areas of hair loss that need treatment.

3) Treatment Options

Post consultation hair loss treatment options will be discussed with you as well as pricing and any finance options available. We know that it’s a big decision to make and so we will provide all of this documentation via email and then you are in the driving seat of when you with to proceed, be it for an fue or fut hair transplant or prp therapy.

4) Decision and Preparation

Once you have decided to go ahead with the treatment outlined in your consultation, our team will help you prepare for your treatment.

5) Day of Your Treatment

You will be greeted by our team at our clinic on the day of your treatment. You will also meet with and speak with dr. Kalra and our tech team prior to your surgery. Depending on the amount of grafts that you require, your surgery can last from 3-8 hours. All our procedures are carried out by dr. Kalra himself along with our technicians that assist him.

6) Aftercare and follow ups

All the aftercare instructions will be given to you post procedure by dr. Kalra. He will also go through what you should expect within the first few of weeks post treatment at which time you can also contact our team if you have any further questions. Our clinical director Kevin will also be following up with you in order to check how your hair is growing back and how you are progressing in general. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to you. We know we have achieved this when our work is not noticed and the natural look is achieved.

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